2016 Western Groundfish Conference Attendance Survey


To help the Steering Committee with planning, we are asking folks to take a short (less than 2 minutes) survey on anticipated attendance and/or participation at the 2016 Western Groundfish Conference February 8-12, 2016 in Newport, OR.

We understand that budgets and schedules are uncertain this far out, and that plans may change.  We are just trying to gauge possible participation, to aid in planning.

The survey will be available through July 31, 2015.

2016 WGC Attendance Survey

Thank you for your input.

The Steering Committee

Presentation Slides Update

Thanks to all who have given permission to post their talk slides on the website. The following presenter’s slides are now available on the Programs page:

Cheryl Barnes
Joe Bizzarro
Elizabeth Conners
Jahnava Duryea
Matthew Eagleton
Katy Echave
Kari Fenske
John Field
Robyn Forrest
Alejandro Frid
Kristen Green
Troy Guy
Kelli Johnson
Heather Kelley
Peter Kuriyama
Mary Jo Lindsley
Davy Lowry
Mary Elizabeth Matta
Lynn Mattes
Susanne McDermott
Kevin McNeel
Brandon Owashi
Bob Pacunski
Jodi Pirtle
April Rebert
Cara Rodgveller
Sean Rooney
David Sampson
Katherine Schmidt
Susan Sogard
Rick Starr
Szymon Surma
Cindy Tribuzio
Scott Wallace
Steve Whitney
Benjamin Williams

Permission to Post Presentations Online

Attention presenters! If you agree to have your talk posted on this website, please email us at westerngf2014@gmail.com with confirmation. If you do not want your talk posted, no response is necessary as we will not post any talks without explicit permission.

You may also want a different version of you talk posted. If that is the case please feel free to email the version you would like posted.

Thanks to all for a successful conference,
WGC Organizing Committee

Conference Networking and File Sharing


A Wi-Fi network will be available in the presentation hall and surrounding areas (as far as the signal will travel). The Wi-Fi network name will be WGC2014 and the password will be WGC_2014 (the password is case-sensitive).

Once you are connected to the network, a computer named WGCFILESERVER will appear in your Windows Explorer (and hopefully whatever the Mac equivalent is). If you open the WGCFILESERVER computer via the Windows Explorer you will see a number of shared folders, each one named after one of the presenters in the format Lastname_Firstname.

During registration you will be provided with a username and password that will allow you to connect to the shared folder named after you. Only you and the WGC admin staff will have access to your folder; it will not be accessible to any of the other presenters. To connect to your folder, just double-click on it and enter your username and password. You can also map a drive letter to it if you wish. In addition to your personal shared folder, you and all presenters will have read/write permissions on a folder called “public”.