Historical Conferences

The Conference

Since 1981, the Western Groundfish Conference has been a biennial forum showcasing current and ongoing research on the biology, fisheries,  ecology, habitats, assessment, and management of groundfishes in the eastern North Pacific and Arctic Oceans.

Technical Subcommittee of the Canada-US Groundfish Committee

Federal and regional fisheries management agencies along the west coast of North America (NOAA, DFO, CDFW, ODFW, WDFW, ADFG, PSMFC, PFMC, NPFMC, IPHC) meet annually as part of the Technical Subcommittee of the Canada-U.S. Groundfish committee.  This annual meeting provides an opportunity to share ongoing research, results, challenges and collaborations in the field of Groundfish population management and biology.  Their website (http://www.psmfc.org/tsc2/) provides a good resource to understand current research directions and issues being encountered by each member agency.

The Groundfish Anthem – Traditionally the attendees of the Western Groundfish Conference are lead in song on Day One by none-other-than Milton Love.

2018 – Seaside, California

2016 – Newport, Oregon

2014 – Victoria, British Columbia

2012 – Seattle, Washington

2010 – Juneau, Alaska

2008 – Santa Cruz, California

2006 – Newport, Oregon

2004 – Victoria, British Columbia

2002 – Ocean Shores, Washington

2000 – Sitka, Alaska

1998 – Asilomar, California

1996 – Newport, Oregon

1994 – Nanaimo, British Columbia

1992 – Union, Washington  

1989 – Monterey, California

1987 – Gleneden Beach, Oregon

1986 – Sitka, Alaska

1985 – Union, Washington

1983 – Pacific Grove, California

1981 – Gleneden Beach, Oregon